The Toast and Jam Podcast

       Hosted by Dom Maduri and featuring a revolving cast of contributors, the Toast and Jam Sessions podcast is a weekly plunge into Atlanta music and entertainment culture from the viewpoint of young rock, punk, pop, folk, and alternative enthusiasts. Our guests are always talented musicians and every show includes a laid-back artist interview and a live performance. We also check out local music stores, restaurants, and many other trendy places around the Atlanta metro area. 

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The Crew

Hi I'm Dom. I'm 20 years old and the host of this fun weekly program. My background is in audio and video production and I've worked with many local bands in the Atlanta area. I love punk rock music but I hate phonies.


Hi I'm Matt. I'm 28 years old and I produce this fun weekly program. I'm a certified audio engineer and I run the Toast and Jam Studio. I love cozy evenings at home with my wife and our two cats but I hate bad drivers and rainy days.


Hi I'm Connor. I'm 22 years old and I play guitar and sing for the Rock 'n' Roll group "Short of Gold". I LOVE phonies... and Creed, but I hate Foo Fighters.


Hi I'm Jon. I'm 27 years old and I've been playing drums for 18 years. I love all types of music and my dogs. I also love the beach, but I hate long walks on it.


Hi I'm Noah. I'm 36 years old and I am a professional photographer. I love my wife Monika, playing the bass guitar, and Ninja Turtles, but I hate societal standards of conformity, and the predetermined set of goals and aspirations spoon fed to children and young adults to be mindless taxpaying citizens unable to make any real impact on their community or strive to greatness and elevate themselves above the mire of normallity. AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE?! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE SYSTEM......