Are you thinking about recording with us?

We are a full-service Recording Studio in the heart of downtown Buford. Our beautiful live room is truly one-of-a-kind, from the 100-year-old floors to the warm barn wood finishes, vibey rugs, and furniture. Enjoy our full complement of vintage and modern guitars, amps, drums, and more while you create your next hit with us. Our Pro-Tools certified production team utilizes industry standard software, professional equipment, and an amazing vintage Trident mixing console. We are dedicated to giving your music the production it deserves so you will love it forever. 

We’d love to meet and give you a tour. Let us show you what our studio can do.

toast & jam live sessions

Toast & Jam Sessions is our dynamic live performance series uploaded to our YouTube channel. Sessions are an excellent way to capture the energy of a live show in a studio setting. The full musical group performs each song live in a continuous take just like they would at a show. All of the instruments and voices are recorded to individual tracks and mixed while several cameras capture the performance from different angles to create a dynamic video. Once everything is recorded, our techs mix and master the audio and set it to the finished video. The result is a Session performance.

In The Studio